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woo fuck yeah Jada adopted me January 5th, 2005 im her brother and Tina's her daughter wich makes me like her step uncle or something haha anywayyy

ahh im listning to the "Murderdolls" i remember when i was FUCKING OBSESSED with them all hardcore but thats when i was in 6th grade anyone heard of or heard "Frankenstein Dragqueens (From Planet 13)"  ????



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drag queens like whaaaaaaaaaaa. drag queens are hot. haha.
nice little collage :].
I love you brother@!!! and and my daughter! im a mother!!! whooo mother loveeee
haha i didnt make the collage i stole it off pantera.com =X huh! oh my! isnt that illegal! lol nahhh but this whole family thing is confusing i remember whne i was a little kid and people used to always do that hahahha
GASP! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah juss keedeng!
i remember that too when i was little!
yoo brothaa. i love mom.
i love my daughter and brother.:]
no im your uncle! hahahahaha
look loook,,, the name,, it rings

Uncle Eddie ahaha
I'm all alone!!!
ill be your brother that got lost in japan for 10 years and reunited with you (=
dude i used to be obsessed with that band alot too, i had alot of murderdoll shirts n frankenstein drag queen shirts
haha shit awsome d00d haha i ahd posters of them and cutouts and shit haha but then i took em down and put em in the closet haha but yeah there fucking awsome
if you dont want em, can i have em, my mom took down a lot of my posters so my wall sux, i didnt know other ppl like those bands too
haha no i wouldnt ever give those away i took em down cos it was like a phase but im starting to listen to them again i dont know any other people who like them either
well now you know me, so yea it happens, there was a phase when i started listenin to limp bizkit n linkin park n then my bro slapped n that got me out of that, which is really good he did that
haha shit limp bizkit and lp suck assssssssssssss the only good thing about limp bizkit is wes boreland whats your name and how old are you d00d?


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