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Now you're doing the waltz with your murderer


!Name: Vanessa
!Date of birth: 10/15/87
!Location: New york
!Age: 17
!&& How you found our community. Through Tina who is my love.

"About You"
!Tell us one of your nicknames and how it was derived: Well My friends call me root beer. Well because I have a fascination/obsession with root beer popsicles.
!What's your favourite colour? red would have to be my favorite color
! Name 10 of your favourite bands.
36 crazy fists
the bled
the blood brothers
between the buried and me
armor for sleep
the black dahlia murder
every time I die
anndd.....norma jean
! What's your favourite food? Lobster.
! Which(5) 80's movies are your favorite? well I do like the grease movies....I havent really watched a whole lot of movies from the 50's. there is no point in me telling you I have when I havent.
! Name (5) of your favourite books. a clockwork orange, skeleton crew, the girl who loved tom gordon, fight club, and the shining
! What do you hate the most? I hate the sound someone makes when eating just makes me wicked sick for some reason.
! Sexual Preferences/ Marital status: Im straight.....even though I would touch tinas boobs. Im single as of right now.

Your views/opinions...

! What do you think about The United States War On Terror/Iraq? Well I think that it could have been avoided...but it was inevitable also. I just think its dumb sometimes but its also a good thing because they did attack our country.
! Abortion: well I honestly think that if a girl can go out and have sex and get pregenant than she can keep the baby. If you dont use protection then they are just asking for it. If a girl was raped or something along the lines of that then I wouldnt object to her having an abortion.
! Our current President George Bush: yeah I dont have much to say about him. Im not exactly against him but he isnt exactly my favorite president.
! Racism: Its pointless. Everyone bleeds the same color. Im not going to make fun of or throw out racial slurs at someone at all because they are the same as anyone else just a different color or believe in a different god.
! Same sex marriages/relationships: Well I think that this is a pretty touchy subject for some people. To tell you the truth if the whole same sex marriage thing wasnt allowed anywhere than they would be getting off scott free. They could be together for 50 years and decide that they dont want to be together anymore and just go their seperate ways. But if you were of a different sex and get married and decide to get a divorce even after 2 years pretty much all of your stuff gets split down the middle. Not to mention the lawyer fees are incredibly rediculous.
! Pornography: I think porn is alright. It could be fun every now and then and me myslef have watched/looked at porn. I dont think its a big deal. Im just dont sit there and go overboard with it.

!Show us atleast (5) pictures of yourself and what represents you.


!Tell us a joke, make us laugh,show us something funny... dont be an 0-lamer...

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