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yea im not in skewl right now.. and hoping to b a member of this finneee community =)


!Name:   Erika
!Date of birth:   January 7
!Location:   Mcallen, Texas.
!Age:   14
!&& How you found our community.  through Jada's journal

"About You"
!Tell us one of your nicknames and how it was derived.   Ray, through some basketball shirt because it said rays barbeque
!What's your favourite colour?   blue or light purple
! Name 10 of your favourite bands.   
Taking Back Sunday, Green Day, The Postal Service, Senses Fail, Lost Prophets, Rise Against, The Pink Spiders, My Chemical Romance, Pennywise, Yellowcard...

! What's your favourite food?   Chinese foood, like the one from the mall..
! Which(5) 80's movies are your favorite?   HAIRSPRAY! I love that one and Flashdance and Grease of course and the Karate Kid movies are cool to watch.
! Name (5) of your favourite books.
I don't read a lot but here are some books that i liked, and they're from my english class =/...
The Giver
! What do you hate the most?   Heartbreakers and cheaters
! Sexual Preferences/ Marital status:   boys//single

Your views/opinions...

! What do you think about The United States War On Terror/Iraq?  It's dumb because a lot of innocent people are dying and a lot of innocent people died on 9/11 here but it doesn't mean that they have to go kill those innocent people in iraq..
! Abortion:   Not good because you are killing babies, but then again it depends on how you got pregnant.. Like if you got raped you would get an abourtion because i sure would not like some stranger's baby! =/
! Our current President George Bush:   BLAHH.. This guy can die because I don't care!! I don't like him anymore and his dubya stuff is annoying.. =//
! Racism:   Dumb because we all are people and we are all the same inside if we dont be racist and we have had enough racism because when Martin Luther King Jr made his speech everyone was happy but some people aren't happy because people are still racist and need to grow up cause people are people.
! Same sex marriages/relationships:   It is scary, but if you love someone you just love them and you can't stop it and if you chose to swing that way go for it and let them cuz they cant change back, well maybe but it would be super hard .
! Pornography:   Not for me but whoever likes it likes it...

!Show us atleast (5) pictures of yourself and what represents you.
This is me like last year when i still had the ORANGE in my hair, but i took it out and ew look at my big nose!! :O
This is me before my hair was ORANGE it was PINK!! and i loved it soo much but then it got all uglay and the principal made me take it out <3 i miss my pinkk hairr
This picture was from summer '04 and i looked really really mad but i dont know what i was feeling.. =/
This is me with my orange hair! its uglay and you can see i have braces and i hate them but ah i finally get them off in the summer! and i look like a seksy model =* ahaha im kidding..
This is me before the i had red done to my hair it was this summer and man I was like hurry and take the pik!! so yah and my shirt says OH DEER!! i love it. and my eyes look messed up =/
uhhh I don't have a camera to take one of the impression soo........................................ =)

!Tell us a joke, make us laugh,show us something funny... dont be an 0-lamer...
....................................................HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH I LOVE THIS ICON!!!
the LOVED good charlotte..
-Yo mama's glasses are so thick that when she looks on a map she can see people waving!
- Knock knock. Who's there? Sham. Sham who? I didn't know we were talking about yo mama.
ahaha ok enough with yo mamas
-A stoner stumbles out of a party, and starts to walk home. One the way he bumps into a guy who is all bloody and mangled. The guy limps up to the stoner and says "Call me an ambulance!" The stoner looks at him for a second, smiles and says, "You're an ambulance!"
okay, okay.. =)))

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