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this song is about your ******* mother

[Unknown LJ tag]
yea so, its the first time i update in this community, im not really sure what we are suppose to talk about or not, so ill just talk about stuff i think is pointless but i guess, entertaining? i remember the first time i heard this band was when i was in 5th grade, n i heard slash's solos n i at that moment just knew i wanted to be in a band at that instant, hahaha also reminds me off this past summer when i had this other band i was with n we would play songs that were strongly influenced by gn'r n hellacopters, but we sucked, we werent anything near being good, not even 1/1000 good, hahaha so funny thats what i get for trying to be gn'r!

so its coo to be part of a community, i was pretty sure i wouldnt get accepted, like you guys just tell me, NO GO AWAY! well thanx to the jada n' evry1 who let me join
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